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HGTV's 2008 Green Home in Tradition, SC featured a Carolina Kettle!
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install a Carolina Kettle

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In the 19th century a syrup kettle or sugar kettle was more or less a tool that had several applications around the farm.  It was used as a syrup cooking pot, used to scald hogs at slaughter time, used to render lard and also as a water bath at canning time.  Today they are primarily used as firepots.  Carolina Kettles produces exact replicas of the original syrup kettles.  Our kettles are simple but elegant.

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Carolina Kettles produces four sizes of pots.  Although there were more sizes available one hundred years ago, we produce thirty gallon,  forty gallon, sixty gallon, and eighty gallon pots.  Between these four kettles you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

We also offer the luxury of customizing your kettle with your family, resort, property or hunting/fishing lease name on the lip.

Only one's imagination limits them as to the type of setup they may want for their kettle. You can choose one of our handmade bases with original artwork panels and we are also making a cooking surface/oyster roasting surface for all four sizes of pots.

We have seen these kettles used as fountains, Koi ponds, and planters as well as firepots.  Your kettle will come with a hole drilled in the bottom so that water can drain from the kettle. Please be sure to let us know if you plan to use your kettle for any other purpose and would not like the hole drilled in yours.  Cleaning out your firepot is as easy as blowing it out with your leaf blower.

We can ship our kettles anywhere in the United States by freightliners.  We accept Visa and MasterCard and Discover credit cards for purchases of kettles and accessories.


To place an order or for more information please contact us:

(843) 866-2700                  
Email : info@carolinakettles.com

Each Kettle is handmade and produced to order.
 We would like to speak to you to personalize your order.

Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card Accepted





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